Ithaca Underground's  Annual Fundraiser ft Two Tequilas and a Gin, Circus Culture + more TBA

Ithaca Underground's Annual Fundraiser ft Two Tequilas and a Gin, Circus Culture + more TBA

Sat · February 16, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


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This event is all ages

Join us for Ithaca Underground's annual winter fundraiser, celebrating twelve years of of nurturing a radically inclusive, safe space for music & art outside the mainstream, with an action-packed evening of drag, acrobatics, and music performances.

Ithaca Underground Annual Fundraiser featuring Two Tequilas and a Gin Circus Culture + TBA
Ithaca Underground Annual Fundraiser featuring Two Tequilas and a Gin Circus Culture + TBA
Two Tequilas and a Gin
Two Tequilas and a Gin
With a roster of rotating special guests, Ithaca queens Coraline, Athena, and Dizzy offer you a night full of shows, games, and the best hangover of your life!
Circus Culture
Historically, the circus has been a place where anyone and everyone is welcome and the possibilities of human potential are expanded. It comes to town and becomes the central gathering place, a community hub, and a source of inspiration. Circus is a gathering of the others.

As a hybrid of art and sport, circus is comprised of a myriad of disciplines, from juggling to trapeze, partner acrobatics to tightwire. As a result, it not only includes people of varied skills and abilities, but actually requires this diversity to be whole. When practicing circus arts trust, coordination and communication skills are experientially developed and risk taking curiosities are played out in a safe and controlled environment. The non-competitive yet physical nature of the form makes it a unique and beneficial outlet for all ages.
Strange Heavy
Strange Heavy
Original music. Weird feelings.
Anna Coogan
Anna Coogan
The Lonely Cry of Space and Time, a stunning new album by musical shape-shifter Anna Coogan, is ­for those unafraid to steep themselves in heart-wrenching honesty and to contemplate our place in the universe. She sings about the rising oceans, seeking other worlds, collateral damage, and how we sink or swim together.

An anxious darkness that has followed Coogan throughout her life is reflected in her powerful guitar playing, balanced with hope, light and beauty in operatic interludes and optimistic lyrics. On the title track, she celebrates one of the more hopeful news stories of 2016—the detection of gravitational waves:

The rolling waves receding from

The darkest star still reeling from

The dawn of time, the dark begets the light…

So here we are, we’re listening

The Lonely Cry of Space of Time is the result of a spirited and longtime collaboration between Anna Coogan and drummer Willie B (Brian Wilson). Wilson has toured with Neko Case, Jamie Lidell, and Johnny Dowd, among others. He merges ferocious energy with a deft touch that pushes Coogan to the outer edges of her musical creativity.

After composing several original scores for historic silent films in their hometown of Ithaca, NY, the duo began layering operatic vocals and ethereal guitar over aggressive drums and synthesizers—moving into uncharted waters that blur the lines between opera, film noir, and rock. Their live performances have been described as “enthralling, beguiling” by the Rheinische Post (Dusseldorf) and simply, that they “blew away the crowd” by

Coogan’s edgy and engaging live performances have been hailed as a “festival highlight” by The Times of London and “glorious” by Glasgow Metro. Boston born and classically trained in Austria, she spent her twenties in Seattle, busking among fishmongers in Pike Place Market before filling larger venues in the region. Her music has been featured on ABC TV, KEXP, the BBC, RTE 1 (Irish National Radio), and WDR 4 (Cologne, Germany). After her move to New York state in 2011, she co-wrote and toured a record with JD Foster (Calexico, Patty Griffin), and joined Americana-punk veteran Johnny Dowd on recent albums in addition to live performances at Lincoln Center and throughout Europe.

Anna Coogan and Willie B will release The Lonely Cry of Space and Time on April 28, 2017.
Dummy Plug
Dummy Plug
Havin a nice time
Spirit Posse
Spirit Posse
druid shit. seances. chains. eternal stew. heavy bass. animal pelts. wizarding. sick beats. apothecary. leafy greens. wobble.
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The Haunt
702 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY, 14850