The Aspiring Me, Ladi Ayo, Catharsis, Corey Loveless, JJ Wolfe
Ithaca Underground

The Aspiring Me

Casita Del PolarisIthacaNY
All Ages
Soulful, fast, introspective melodic hip hop from TAME (Houston) with locals Ladi Ayo, Corey Loveless, Catharsis, and JJ Wolfe

TAME (The Aspiring Me)

Andrew Davis (born April 27, 1989) commonly known as TAME, The Aspiring Me, and son of Houston hip-hop legend Big Mello, is an American rapper, music producer, and interdisciplinary artist from the suburb of Missouri City. Making his producer beginnings in 1998, by using cripple ware computer programs such as Cool Edit and Acid, Davis would download songs he heard on radio and loop segments of the songs to create music his friends and he could rap to for fun.

He rose to prominence in Texas after New York City based media outlet Complex Magazine listed his debut album “The Aspiring Me” top ten music projects to come out of Houston in 2013. This led to a two year stay in New York City from 2013- 2015, where he managed working at Whole Foods as a supervisor and a bi-monthly residency in Brooklyn New York entitled “Show & Tell NYC” dedicated to sharing and the art of story telling. During his stay Davis was apart and under management of Brooklyn based collective, Vapor Trails. Following the disbandment of the collective Davis returned to Houston to continue his practice.

2017 marked his debut as a conceptual performance artist: exhibiting at the Houston Museum Of African American culture and later in March 2018 at the interactive, film and music festival SXSW; as well as Houston arts organization Diverse Works.

"You Might Like This" (EP stream/download) =

"Always Lit" (live @ DiverseWorks, 2018) =

Ladi Ayo

Cory loveless


JJ Wolfe

Venue Information:
Casita Del Polaris
1201 N Tioga Street
Ithaca, NY, 14850