Tavishi, Madamdata, Soft Squadron, Glitter Skulls
Presented by Ithaca Underground


Madam Data, Glitter Skulls, bit rot, Soft Squadron, CHRMSM

Casita Del PolarisIthacaNY
All Ages
Naked Noise #10 preview / deep listening session with electronic and experimental sounds from India, Philly, and Ithaca.

Tavishi (Kolkata, India)

Discovering unexplored overlaps between different worlds. Tavishi is Sarmistha Talukdar's Indo-experimental project.

Madam Data (Philadelphia, PA)

Madam Data [a. adhiyatma] is a clarinetist, electronic composer, computer theorist and improviser. They are currently based in Philadelphia but long for the sunny shores and ambiguous morals of their homeland, Singapore. They think about space a lot, as in outer space, but also as in psychic, geographical, cosmological, historical and bio-social distance. They are also really into buildings. Madam Data is a member of smth savant, an artist collective and record label

Soft Squadron (Ithaca NY)

Glitter Skulls

Black-owned techno collective based in Ithaca, NY.

bit rot (Ithaca, NY)

bit rot is concerned not with one, but many individual worlds, all haunted by the ghosts of humanity. Pooling inspiration and and a driving passion from a diverse array of science fiction worldbuilding, cyberpunk aesthetics, lost media, and a unique exploration of self, bit rot's haunted productions search for safety in the face of harsh possible worlds and the relentlessness of time.

CHRMSM (Ithaca, NY)

Music artist making minimalist amateur bedroom electronica.

Venue Information:
Casita Del Polaris
1201 N Tioga Street
Ithaca, NY, 14850